1. How are TSA Accountants & Business Advisors fees structured?

Our fees are structured in such a way as to reflect the scope of your needs, the top quality service we provide and to allow us to maintain the constant specialist training for our staff that ensures you receive the absolute best, and most up-to-date service, possible. Please visit our office for a free quote.

2. I have a second job, why is my tax on it so high?

The $18,200 tax free threshold does not apply to a second job. It is taxed at your full marginal rate plus the Medicare levy.

3. Is the first business advice consultation free?

Yes, our first business advice consultation is free.

4. How should my business be structured?

Business should be structured in such a way that there is maximum asset protection and long term tax benefits. Consult us to have your business structured efficiently.

5. What does ‘Negative gearing’ mean? And what are its tax benefits?

‘Negative gearing’ is when you have an investment which is producing tax losses and those losses are allowed to be offset against your other income such as salaries and wages, hence effectively reducing your taxable income.

6. When is the due date for lodging my tax return?

Every taxpayer’s due date varies depending on several factors such as the type of entity, the amount of tax payable, the amount of taxable income, the status of previous tax returns, e.t.c. Please consult us to provide you with your tax return lodgment due date taking into consideration your circumstances.

7. Can you prepare fast/urgent financial statements and tax returns if required urgently for loan statements?

Yes, we do provide with fast service in preparing financial statements and tax returns if required urgently for loan application by giving it a high priority.

8. I am a business client and I can’t come and see you at your office, Can we have the consultation / meeting at my premises?

Yes, we can have the consultation / meeting organized at clients business premises.